You can't just have 1 Halloween Costume: Halloween Cambridge Edition 2017

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays. At the top is the 4th of July but a close 2nd is Halloween. Who doesn't get excited about making a crazy outfit and staying in character the entire night?

This year my roommates and I had a party at our home in Cambridge. I pictured this event to be a little wild with a few drinking games in store. What I did not exepct was to have a full on rager: animal house style.  For example, we decked out our basement in spooky decorations and in order to get to the first floor, I had to walk out the basement back door and around the house. Thankfully we have awesome neighbors and the party was a total hit.


First up we have a few snaps from our HubSpot Halloween party. This is usually pretty low-key and not the place to debut your ACTUAL costume. Pro tip: find an outfit in your fun drawer/box and rep it for the party. No, you might not be dressed as a minion or Barb from stranger things, but you will look a little different than your regular attire (which for me leggings and pony tail).


90's Skier and a SAMurai (no we didn't venture too far, but you know the reason why^)



Now, the REAL SHOW. The debut party. Here's where the work, effort, sewing, stapling (sorry Julien) really pays off. The time where your valiant 3am shopping for oversized sparkling jewels from China shines. I'm going to take everyone back to another time. Everyone, I give you the 2001 American Music Awards.


 One couple has 2 former teen celebrities. Only you can decide which one.


 Here we have the SAMurai and apparently we invited a barista because they left one of those overpriced, yuppy rainbow frappuccinos. Hopefully someone finished it because $6 for a speciality drink is a joke.


 Here we have a jelly fish who removed her jelly, Morgan Freeman (yes guys, that's his real name) and a wild panda who's got broads in Atlanta. 


 Life is about taking fashion risks. It's about wearing platform wooden geta that cause you to hurt your back and stay in bed for a week. Some say that's an unreasonable ask for halloween, I call it commitment to the role.