Spring Trip to Nashville and Muscles Shoals, Alabama



Every spring I try to make it down to Alabama to see my parents. It's the perfect time to leave the non-existent "spring" in New England, and enjoy some warm weather. Julien and I flew into Nashville and spent 2 days downtown. We naturally ate tons of fried, southern food, enjoyed live music on every corner, and did a pedal tavern bar crawl down Broadway Street. 


Taking photos in front of the Johnny Cash mural.

Country Music Crawler in Nashville

Riding on the Country Crawler

Nashville Gulch

The required basic photo opp.


Fried Pickles and Hot Chicken Mac and Cheese at The Stillery

 We stayed Downtown and walked over to Big Shotz for a few drinks before dinner. We then ended up at The Stillery. We ordered a burger with pub cheese, fried pickles, and macaroni topped with hot chicken.

Riding around Downtown in the Country CrawlerThe Valentine in Nashville

The chandelier at The Valentine on Broadway. Peg Leg Porker

We had lunch with my Step-Dad Joe on the way out of town at Peg Leg Porker. Their ribs are dry rubbed and amazing. I would highly recommend stopping here when in town.Stella the English Bulldog

Stella May my parents English Bulldog.golfing

Golfing with my parents in Muscle Shoals, AL.GolfingGolf Fashion

Elephant Ears

We made Elephant Ears at home! I grew up eating these at every fair in Indiana and they tasted the exact same.

Chicken Minis

Chicken Minis from Chik Fil A!!

Stella the English Bulldog

Stella the English Bulldog

Can you bulldog do the splits?