Guess Who's Back... Fall Outing 2017!

Our Services Team at HubSpot went to Connor Farm for our team outing this year! If you want to feel child like wonder again, you need to go. There is go-kart racing, a corn maze, pumpkin launching, farm animals (!!) and cider donuts. If you're now thinking this may be heaven on Earth, wait until you find out there's a mechanical bull. Check out my photos below to catch all the fun.


This our our entire direct services team. Do you see me? Because, I sure don't.


This is where Children of the Corn was filmed (joking.. I think)


I'm a legit cowgirl everyone. I would drive past a farm with cows every day in high school, so that makes me a cowgirl by default.


This is a photo of my team! Just kidding... This is not my team. I'm just being creepy in the background. Can you spot me?


Catching some rays on a giant spider web made of rope.


Wooo Riz!